Curated for Chase N. Cashe's Can't Buy Respect Agency

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indie/underground hip-hop essentials. (2019)

West Coast records new and old, highlighting South Central LA's up-and-comers.

Clubhouse Los Angeles is an artist development consultancy founded in 2019 at Mint Room Studios in Los Angeles, California. Clubhouse aims to connect artists and entrepreneurs through organic self-expression and legacy-development guidance. We source insight from the greatest minds across the entertainment industry and supply it to clientele and workshop participants through mentorship — creating lasting relationships, and potent artists and entrepreneurs. 


We exist to create experiences where passion, purpose and growth coalesce. 


Stevie Crooks

Six Sev & ENIAS, LLC.

Chase N. Cashe

Can't Buy Respect Agency

Joe College


Adidas NYC

XXL Station [Dash Radio]

Kicks USA


everything organic.

"May you ultimately reach your prime, and never reach your peak."

- Sean Brown

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