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The Essential Dom Kennedy (2020)

West Coast records new and old, highlighting South Central LA's up-and-comers.

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Clubhouse Los Angeles is an artist and brand development consultancy founded in 2016 and officially launched in August 2019 at Mint Room Studios in Los Angeles, California. Clubhouse aims to connect artists and entrepreneurs through organic self-expression and legacy-development guidance. We source insight from the greatest minds across the entertainment industry and supply it to clientele and workshop participants through mentorship — creating lasting relationships, and potent artists and entrepreneurs. 


We exist to create experiences where passion, purpose and growth coalesce. 


Chase N. Cashe

Can't Buy Respect Agency

Joe College

Stevie Crooks

Six Sev & ENIAS, LLC.

Mint Room Studios (LA)

Treacherous Records


Adidas NYC

XXL Station [Dash Radio]

Kicks USA


everything organic.

"May you ultimately reach your prime, and never reach your peak."

- Sean Brown

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