"3 Point Star" Short Film

Following the release of Chase N. Cashe's well received "3 Point Star" album, the Can't Buy Respect Agency presents the short film, 3 Point Star. Tap in and get gamed up.

Watch CBR's "3 Point Star" Short Film Below

Listen to "3 Point Star" Below

3 Point Star

Track List

1.) “3 Point Star” feat. Nesby Phips (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe) 2.) “Peace Sign” feat. Lolly (Prod. by Chase N. Cash) 3.) “Sunday School” (Prod. by Hollywood Cole) 4.) “Speaking From My Soul” (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe) 5.) “Jaw Dropper” (Prod. by Hollywood Cole & Chase N. Cashe) 6.) “Millionaire’s Dream” feat. G4 (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)

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Special thanks to Dinner Land Network, The Grid, Donovan Williams, and Tehron Porter

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