Chase N. Cashe - 3 Point Star

Updated: May 27, 2019

In early 2017, I hit Chase N. Cashe via twitter, inquiring about whether he'd be interested in submitting an unreleased record to me to be featured on an upcoming mixtape I was curating. By the close of 2017, we had become friends and he allowed me to select and sequence the records for what would become, "3 Point Star".

Photograph by Rasharie Brown

Throughout 2018, we released the single off the album, "Peace Sign" featuring New Orleans lyricist, Lolly — in addition to 5 loosies "Ask About Me" feat. Negus, "Money Bags", "Living Room", "All I Wanna Do", and "Cutlass" feat. Willy Will and DEE Goodz.

Fast forward to May 4, 2019 and the album is finally here. The marathon continues.

Track List

1.) “3 Point Star” feat. Nesby Phips (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe) 2.) “Peace Sign” feat. Lolly (Prod. by Chase N. Cash) 3.) “Sunday School” (Prod. by Hollywood Cole) 4.) “Speaking From My Soul” (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe) 5.) “Jaw Dropper” (Prod. by Hollywood Cole & Chase N. Cashe) 6.) “Millionaire’s Dream” feat. G4 (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)


3 Point Star


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Photograph by Rasharie Brown

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