Now You Know [Panel] - Presented by Brea Simone

About a month ago, I recieved a text message from Dustin Trail (host of the Now You Know Panel) that read, "Hey, would you be interested in being on a panel?" I responded with, "what's the topic?" However, instead of answering my question, he responds with the list of speakers who I would be joining if I accepted his offer. Intimidated by the line-up, I immediately declined, and it wasn't until after a number of conversations that I realized that this was not something I could pass up.

Trail said something along the lines of... how do you expect to level up, if you refuse to take the necessary steps to put you at the table with the people you want to eat with?

Every day up until the day of #NowYouKnow, I could not help but stress speaking on the panel. I had never spoken on a panel before, let alone alongside other creatives as successful as the ones that I would speak with, and Dinner Land Network had yet to have someone publicly speak at this sort of event on their behalf. I was going through a mental tug-of-war between being excited and overwhelmed with the opportunity, and being shook up about the kind of statement I would make about the brand I would be representing.

For those that do not know me personally, I can be very outspoken, and at times may come across a little hood; I can admit that as a creative within this industry, that is one of my biggest insecurities. But the lesson I learned in all of this is simply that: opportunities like these present themselves not because of luck, but because of one's talent and work ethic. It was not a mistake to have been selected to speak among, arguably, entertainment industry veterans.

Allow people to recognize your efforts, and do not be intimidated by your blessings.

Thank you Brea Simone for believing in me.

Watch the Now You Know Panel Recap Below (Prod. Dinner Land)

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