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After years spent behind the scenes in underground music — from blogging, to hosting events, playlisting, podcasting, and now being the Editor of an entertainment network heavily influenced by Hip-Hop Culture — I finally put together a series for the underground rap lovers set to be released in January 2018 during Season 4 of Dinner Land Network.

Season 1 will feature a Jersey line-up — obviously because I have to hold my state down first — featuring: Saturn Alexander, Joe College, Vincent the Owl, Laze Cartel, Marcus Ariah, and Shawn Crysis.

With this series, I plan to highlight the underdogs in the rap scene as well as my ability to effectively A&R a project. I will select beats that I feel will compliment each rapper, produced by Dinner Land Sound, and feature two rappers per beat, per episode, along with open discussion regarding hip-hop related topics. This will not be your average "everyone stands in a circle in an abandon building and kicks bars one by one" type of cypher. Expect extremely interactive visuals brought to you by one of New York's finest, IFYOURELOST. Stay tuned.

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