Stevie Crooks - Street Elegance

Hailing from a small city 60 miles from Los Angeles, Stevie Crooks represents Moreno Valley with his highly stylized lyrics over avant-garde jazz influenced production.

In Crook's latest offering, Street Elegance, vivid lyrical pieces tell the story of a hitman whose vices, like most men, include fashion, models, cars, weapons, and liquor - but his sound sets him apart. With self-production through his producer moniker $antorini, VHS, Cas 1, Zeniro, Dusse, and Pac Div's Like, every track was carefully sequenced to be cinematic from intro to close.

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Released March 5, 2020

“From start to finish Street Elegance stays entirely coherent, the atmospheric instrumentals gelling well with Stevie Crooks’ skillfully delivered lyrics.” - Hip Hop Golden Age

Read Hip-Hop Golden Age's growing list of the best Hip-Hop albums of 2020 including Stevie's Street Elegance.

"Each track, Stevie is backhanding every rapper with Baby Powder. He makes this apparent on 'Bullets & Bowties x Yellow Envelopes.' Rapping with the same ferocity of the bullets he fires, Stevie stamps his name into your memory, and sounds like he’s tired of reminding you. The album sounds like a victory lap. Stevie is focused and passionate about his vision." - Dwayne Jackson, Homegrown Radio

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