Workshop participants Six Sev and Kosher Kris from South Central LA.

"organically developing artists and entrepreneurs through peer mentorship."

Clubhouse Sessions:

Artist Development Workshop 

Our Mission

Clubhouse Sessions connects people through organic self-expression and legacy-development guidance. We source insight from the greatest minds across the entertainment industry and supply it to participants through mentorship — creating lasting relationships, and potent artists and entrepreneurs. We exist to create experiences where passion, purpose and growth coalesce. 

Pictured above: Mentor Chase N. Cashe (right) discusses developing your legacy with workshop participants.
Pictured above: Mentor Dee 1 (left) discusses embracing what makes you different, your story, and standing out.
Pictured above: Mentors Jaz Woods and DJ Chubb E. Swagg discuss hip-hop history and how to get your music in the ears of DJs.